unknown precept


Unknown Precept is an independent Berlin-based label run by Jules Peter since 2013. Committed to champion emerging artists around the world, the structure seeks to highlight underated electronic productions ranging from rhythmic noise, industrial and techno music.


25 septembre 2015
20:00 – 00:00
10/12€ sur place uniquement

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Présenté par Purgatorio

MAOUPA MAZZOCCHETTI (Unknown Precept / PRR! PRR! – BE, Brussels – Live)
Maoupa’s vicious industrial terror for when the dance-floor turns ugly gives sex-appeal to discomfort; be prepared to get carried away by his relentless, salty writhing aesthetic of bubbling jakbeat and hench industrial swagger.

NICK KLEIN (Unknown Precept / Ascetic House – US, NYC – Live)
Touted as « techno’s top bachelor of the year » by Tiny Mix Tapes, the Brooklyn-based artist specializes in hard-baked and fetid slow techno gauntlets, exploring soiled theatrics and rusty progressions that prompts primal action on the ‘floor.


MIGUEL ALVARIÑO (Unknown Precept / Hot Releases – US, NYC – Live)
Remaining loyal to the loud, fast and aggressive ethos of the noise punk continuum, Alvariño makes beats for headbangers, not ravers, and his live sets bring pure muscularity — as the rhythm lunges and flails as though it were the undiluted expression of the producers’s own tortured nervous system.